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131Robot Coasters

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“T Rex”  2018

Decided to mix it up a bit and stray from the #131Robots for a few pieces and this was one of them.  I guess this would be my pop art version of the Morton Salt Girl.  Ever since I could remember my mom had a coffee mug with the Morton image on it so maybe it was ingrained in my head.  In my 20’s I listened to the band Jawbreaker and they had ripped off the logo and instead of the tag “When it rains it pours” they wrote “When it pains it roars”.  Always thought that was kind of clever since they had a lot of emotion in most of their songs.  Fast forward to 2018, I was in a group show at Iveda on the Westside of Santa Cruz and decided I would do my take on the original Morton logo.  In the bathroom at work we have a few books and one is the kid’s boo “T Rex Trying”.  It’s pretty funny and I thought I’d follow along with it.  I guess there is a little social commentary in this one as well as a little humor thinking the dinosaurs could deflect extinction with a simple umbrella.  Turns out this one was a hit and sold right out of the gate.  One of the beauties of doing small editions when you print tiles is you have multiple copies.  In this case 4.  Another show at the Mt. Art Center I framed up another one and it sold as well.  Since I always keep one for the archives, I only have one left.  We’ll see how long it lasts.