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“Sand Francisco”  2014

This drawing actually started back in 1992 when I was in school at Humboldt State University.  The view from Marin Headlands is very familiar to me since my first half of childhood was in San Francisco, CA.  I imagined San Francisco so far in the future where the bay dried up and was covered in sand.  I was learning all about stone lithography which is really interesting.  Drew it on the limestone, printed up a small edition on some nice archival paper, hand colored it and gave it to my mom for a gift the next Christmas.  She framed it up real nice and every time I was visiting I would be blown away.  It was the first time anything of mine was framed and it looked so professional.  Years and years later I dug up one of the prints and scanned it.  Once it was in the computer I was able to print it on different mediums.  Throughout the years I made stickers, shirts, skateboards and finally this tile piece. Still one of my favorites.