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“Phone Booth”  2017

The public phone booth should be on the endangered species list thanks to the invention of the cell phone.  We are starting to see less and less of them and if you do they are broken and covered in graffiti.  In this scene the #131Robot really has no interest in them due to the fact that they have built in cellular communications.  Probably some of the last phone booths in existence as nature slowly takes over.

This piece was part of a group show I was lucky enough to be involved in with the two of the best ceramic artists I know,  Carlos Dye and Iver Hennig.  The show’s theme was Robots and was located at The Apricity Gallery in The Tannery Arts Center, Santa Cruz, CA.

“Pressmen”  2017

This was one of the more challenging yet fun pieces.  I had recently bought a small Etching press and was doing short editions on linoleum.  I incorporated the press in to the image with the #131Robots only for them to be confused on what it’s use was.  The process was neat.  Carve the lino, print a small edition, scan into the computer to clean and color, output to film and screen and then screen print the tiles.  Oh then fire, mount and make the frame.  Kind of an intensive process to combine all the different mediums but I was really happy with the outcome.

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