Stand Alone Tile was created out of the love of drawing, painting, screen printing, etching and ceramics.  My name is Aaron Clark and this is where you can see some of the past tile projects I have been working on, learn a bit about the process and peer into the past few decades of how it all started.

I suppose we should begin with when I started printing steadily back in 1991 at Humboldt State University.  Funny enough I never enrolled in a silk screen class but focused on Stone Lithography a little bit of Etching and a lot of Ceramics.  Drawing, painting, sculpting, graphic design and 3D media were all part of it.  After graduating in 1993 and about a year after that I was working for a Wine Label print shop in Sonoma, CA.  On my little spare time I talked my friend Shakey into helping me build a screen printing press out of my old record player and we turned it into a sketchy 2 color press.  Years of trial and error I started making some quality prints by about 1995.  Feeling fairly confident at the end 1996 I packed everything up and moved my little print shop over to Savusavu, FIJI.  That was an adventure in itself.

Back in the states by later 1997 I landed a job at Consolidated Skateboards as their screen printer cranking out stickers, shirts and posters.  It was the best opportunity to get the commercial end dialed as well as build up a clientele on the side.  My nickname was “Bro” so I named my company Broprints.  By 2000 I had enough clients to start up my own print shop so I partnered up with Birdo, the owner, and we were able to rent some space right next door.  That made it easy because we only had to take down a wall and not move any of the equipment. The rest is commercial screen printing history.

Fast forward again to 2012 or 2013 and I was up in my mom’s ceramic studio rolling out some clay slabs and I got the idea to make a screen and test out some printing on clay.  And after many tries and tests I found a technique that worked.  Getting the right screens, glazes and building another custom press that worked well was another process but it has evolved into a unique medium that I have not yet seen anywhere.  Sure people print on tiles, that is nothing new but the whole process of doing it on multi tile pieces is, as far as I know.  Now from a single tile coaster, multi tiled framed art pieces to back splashes and counter tops it continues to evolve to create everlasting art that will probably outlast us humans… hence the idea of the #131Robots.

The address at Broprints is 131 Center st. Santa Cruz, CA.  Sometimes called Factory 131, or just 131.  So when I came up with the robot characters they became the #131Robots.  And in the vents on their bodies they sometimes read 131 if you look at the lines right.  As they evolved with different expressions and poses I felt like they were questioning our existence.  I try to create images that cycle through the subject matter of present day references where futuristic machines roam.  Maybe just a small glimpse into the not so distant future where humans blew it and we are now extinct.  Not that the robots even care about humans they are more just perplexed as to why we did the things we did to the planet and to ourselves.  Whenever a multi tile piece is created I will usually make a small batch of coasters with just the robot and the main element in it for collectors sake.  The beauty of the robots is that I can put them in endless situations to keep them ongoing.  Everyone of them have their own subtle characteristic that makes them unique yet belong to a common robot model.  The #131Robot.