Custom Made Tiles For Your Home and Environment.

Welcome to the Stand Alone Tile website.

Throughout the site you will see some of the most original hand crafted tile available.  Each tile begins with the artist creating an image with the final outcome in mind.  Wether it’s a small drink coaster, a larger scaled art piece that gets framed or an installed image that flows thru a bathroom or kitchen.  Great detail goes into the process to make sure every single tile is correctly printed and placed to bring out the details in the art as well as the surrounding environment. As you look throughout these images, hopefully it will inspire you to get creative yourself and think of an idea for your inside or outside dwellings.  We can work together to make it a reality.

On the small scale there are custom hand printed drink coasters that can make entertaining come alive.  Different themes available.  Ranging from Robots, Animals and Flowers to Graphics, Funny Drinking Quotes and Stylish Patterns.  Check out the store to see what’s in stock or feel free to get in touch to find out about getting your own images onto tiles.

hand printed kiln fired ceramic tiles

Each one is hand printed on earthenware ceramic tiles with the utmost detail.  Glazing and firing each batch of tile take patience and precision.  Sometimes you wont know if a mistake happened until it comes out of the kiln.  There are no shortcuts in hand making ceramic tiles.

Very limited art pieces are available as well.  Hand printed original art carefully applied then fired onto earthenware ceramic tiles and framed by the artist.  Functional frames available to make a nice entryway piece when entering your home. Very small editions when printing make each piece unique.  Often times you may just want the tile piece without frames so you can install them anywhere you choose.

2016 Arigato Show

at Apricity Gallery in the Tannery Arts Center

Santa Cruz, CA

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